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Working Virtually – The New ‘norm’

The recent pandemic can’t be ignored and it’s changed the way we work forever.

EDC can support teams and individuals in the transition to new ways of working, for example:

  • Working from home implications
  • Virtual meetings and how to make them effective
  • Techniques for providing social interaction missing when remote working
  • Being clear on what’s expected of you
  • Managing your own well being

Leaders and your teams

Using an EDC coach/facilitator leaders can assess whether they have created the right context for their teams to perform in the new working environment. They can develop alternative ways of ensuring projects stay on track and team members are able to deliver what is expected of them.

Your team can benefit from having different meetings to address informational and relating/social needs.

Just as important is ‘relational’ communication – so informal team sessions to ‘check- in how they are doing what’s going well and what is more frustrating

Everyone will have their own challenges, pressures even stress so that connection with you is key to help them feel understood and supported.

We routinely would expect to review with clients the challenges of handling the additional level of effort and concentration required by individual and group video MS Team and Zoom work sessions


Working virtually the new ‘norm’ - EDC

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