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Executive Team Development

Executive Team Development: The team at the top of any organisation disproportionately impacts on the culture (values and behaviours) and style of the way their organisation works. Having powerful and challenging relationships within the team is probably the most critical enabler to a high performing organisation. 

Our approach to Board development normally begins with an engagement session so that all Board members can ask questions, feel comfortable and connect to the programme.

After this we suggest a set of confidential 1-2-1 interviews with each member to surface what they feel are the critical issues facing the board and holding it back from providing the leadership the organisation needs.

A Board development workshop would receive the aggregated results of the interviews and then begin a process of tackling issues raised.

Board development programmes cover such areas as:

  • Clarity of a common purpose and the role each member has within the Board
  • Relationships
  • Trust and respect
  • Openness to challenge
  • Enabling excellence in others
  • Engaging with stakeholders
  • Corporate responsibility

We use several different metrics to inform the development, such as EDC’s Leadership Culture Survey, The Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA), Myers Briggs, Thomas Kilman Conflict inventory (TKCI), Individual Directions Inventory (IDI from MRG)

Executive Team Development - EDC

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