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Overwhelming research by Gallup and others has shown that staff engagement, motivation and performance is influenced most strongly by the behaviour of their leader/managers. This makes it vital for leadership teams to be able to capture their aspirations and measure progress towards them. 

Leadership Culture & Analysis – EDC Culture Model

Dr Peter Grey worked with Dr William (Bill) Sneider (USA) to construct a model which can profile 4 core organisational cultures. They found there is some correlation to MBTI types:

– Control (ST)

– Collaborative (SF)

– Cultivational (NF)

– Competence (NT)

Each culture has distinct personalities and ways of working, and most organisations will have a particular pattern of distribution between the 4 types.

Using a simple and quick online questionnaire we can create a profile of the culture the Leadership team believes is needed for the organisation to achieve its ambitions and goals. This can be compared with perceptions of the organisation’s staff of how the culture is now. Progress can be tracked at intervals.

Leadership Culture and Analysis - EDC

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