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Our Services

Executive Development Consultants offer a broad range of services to help and support you and your business


One-to-one executive coaching can be the most rapid and effective means of helping an executive 'lift their game'.


Team members will experience and learn how to work together effectively and in ways which support each other to achieve team goals.

Organisational Development Services

Organisational Development planning will define all aspects of developmental activities, vital for the organisation to achieve it strategic aims

Executive Team

Having powerful and challenging relationships within the team is probably the most critical enabler to a high performing organisation.

Working Virtually - The New ‘norm’

Using an EDC coach, leaders can assess whether they have created the right context for their teams to perform in the new working environment.


EDC is a significant UK partner with two global organisations that produce incredibly insightful profiling and diagnostic instruments.

Leadership Culture & Analysis

Overwhelming research by Gallup and others has shown that staff engagement, motivation and performance is influenced most strongly by the behaviour of their leader/managers. This makes it vital for leadership teams to be able to capture their aspirations and measure progress towards them.

Why edc?

We feel we are distinctive from other coaching firms in that our approach is to develop a relationship with you which provides for a deep understanding of your strategic aims, current situation, and challenges.