EDC - Executive Development Consultants

Why EDC?

Why Executive Development Consultants?

We feel we are distinctive from other coaching firms in that our approach is to develop a relationship with you which provides for a deep understanding of your strategic aims, current situation, and challenges.

We are not a huge organisation that delivers ‘off the shelf’ type programmes, but rather prefer to craft a deep relationship with our clients and truly understand what they are trying to achieve. We create solutions that they feel part of and have co-invented. We connect with key internal and external (where appropriate) stakeholders to surface and capture current perceptions of performance and critical areas of the business that need to ‘shift’ in order to deliver more effectively the goals and objectives of the organisation.

We are distinctive in the UK in offering the comprehensive Strategic Leadership Development (SLD) suite of diagnostics and metrics from MRG (Management Research Group, Portland, Maine) which not only accurately measures leadership performance and culture for organisations, teams and individuals, but can assist in clearly defining where leadership performance needs to be in the future.

We will work with you to create meaningful and measurable interventions that transform performance and effectiveness and would normally expect to have regular reviews with sponsors to ensure things are on track and delivering against stated aims and objectives.

We are successfully working with organisations such as, NHS England, Care Quality Commission NHS commissioners and providers, television production companies, Financial institutions, Cartus.

Perhaps most significantly of all, we recognise the skills and experience that you already have… “Transformation does not require you to abandon what you know; rather it occurs when you start looking in a different direction.”

Feedback we receive confirms that our clients really value what we do and see significant shifts in performance, behaviour and satisfaction within their role and lifework balance.

All our coaches receive external supervision and we have as part of our team a practising supervisor of individual, team, and organisational coaches.

All EDC coaches are fully qualified, they are all members of the Association for Coaching and they receive regular supervision. They have all worked for many years at senior levels across a range of disciplines in private and public sector organisations.

We go to great lengths to match each client to the most appropriate coach and we employ formal feedback mechanisms to ensure that the relationship is a success.

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