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Well executed Organisational Development planning will define all aspects of the necessary developmental activities involving individuals, groups and systems that will be vital to the achievement of the requisite organisational capability in all senses, to achieve it strategic aims

OD involves both ‘hard’ issues – strategy, policies, structures, and systems; and ‘soft’ issues – those which develop appropriate skills, behaviours, attitudes, culture, and a style of leadership which will enable organisations to deliver optimum performance.

The key feature of an organisational development perspective is taking a holistic view; paying attention to how what is done in one part of the organisation impacts on another.

The process begins with establishing a Trusted Business Partner relationship and gaining a deep and thorough understanding of your current situation and aspirations.

Our response will match the declared need and embrace some or all of the following elements:

  • Co-creating an OD Plan with yourselves
  • Auditing and if necessary, completing vision, values, strategy, and critical success factors with you
  • Benchmarking the organisation’s current situation as a ‘point of departure’, with surveys if needed
  • Using EDC’s MBTI-based diagnostic to capture and track leadership culture aspirations
  • Board, team, and senior management development
  • Individual performance-based executive coaching programmes
  • Whole-system leadership implications and initiatives
  • Creating balanced scorecards and monitoring progress

Our forte is to stay with you as a reliable business partner in support of your delivery of the OD Plan and your strategic aims, helping to treat it as a ‘live’ document with regular updates, enhancements and feedback of learning from events along the way.

Reference case study East Staffordshire CCG: Please Click here to view the complete case study

Organisational Development Services - EDC

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