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Executive Coaching

One-to-one executive coaching can be the most rapid and effective means of helping an executive ‘lift their game’ through developing increased self-awareness, being able to stand back and look at things strategically, creation and effective management of relationships, setting clear and stretching expectations, being able to hold others to account, creating a team context that generates high performance and communicating in a way that connects and wins the engagement of others.

Well executed executive coaching will always be 100% confidential and relevant to the individual’s situation, aims and development needs.

We subscribe to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) code of practice and all our coaches receive supervision.

At the outset we ensure that we have a clear contract and understanding with the client organisation and the coachee of the aims and scope of the work, and that both parties understand that it is a confidential developmental process. When appropriate and at an early programme stage, the coach will offer to facilitate a 3-way discussion with the coachee and their manager to jointly agree the aims of the work.

We make it clear that the coach always confers positive regard and is working in the best interests of their individual client. Additionally, we believe that there is not one style of coaching that fits all situations, and that an experienced practitioner coach will flex their style to match the needs of the client’s ‘presenting issues’.

The coaching contract will normally provide for a series of specified meetings to cover: establishing a robust working relationship, unpacking their situation and presenting issues.

We may use a range of psychometrics (see Profiling tool page) to inform the coaching and provide a valuable data around the impact the individual is having.

The coachee will be encouraged to put planned changes into effect between meetings and feedback on the results.

Periodically the original aims of the work will be reviewed and our coaches regularly review how the client/coach relationship is supporting the client in achieving their own aims and their success in their role.  As appropriate, a more formal evaluation is made at the end of the programme.

Depending upon circumstances and the original contract, the organisation’s ‘Sponsor’ will be kept informed of general progress, not the detail of the work, and when a whole group of executives is involved, development ‘themes’ can be fed back.

Executive Coaching

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